Smelling the Roses and Other Small Pleasures

As I write this, I can look out the window and see the sun.  Two of my windows are propped open, because today is one of those days when we realize that winter won’t last forever and spring is coming.  We will be able to put those wool coats in the basement again, see flowers blooming at street corners and around parks in the neighborhood, and go to the zoo without facing the arctic wind.

I wonder if we can’t apply that to other areas of our lives as well.  How many of us have been through a “winter”, a time when anxiety or grief or uncertainty has surrounded us because of our circumstances?  We hear more bad news daily about the economy, we turn on the radio and hear about illness or joblessness or foreclosure.  It used to always happen to the “other guy”, didn’t it?  But sometimes those people are us.

And while I am certainly not minimizing the hard times, or saying that a pat on the head and a shove in the right direction will magically get us through it, I am wondering about that sun.  You know, the one day when you’re actually smiling again and someone makes you laugh and that feeling in the pit of your stomach is actually anticipation.

I took the day off today to prepare for a dinner party at my house tonight.  Seven women that are dear to me will be sitting around my table, sharing stories and (hopefully) eating a decent meal.  I’ve thought of little else all week.  I’ve planned and shopped and made lists and my kids are even now rolling their eyes behind my back.

But you know what?  It’s not about the food or how clean my house is or whether I bought enough bottles of wine.  It’s about people that have stood with me during my own tough times, and this is a small way to say thanks.  And yes, in some way today, I can see that there will be sunshine in my life again.

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